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Copper Nickel Press Fit Pipe and Fittings

Copper Nickel Press Fit Pipe and Fittings

Australasian Supplier of CuNiPress Pipe Fittings
Save money, save time & reduce risk with CuNiPress Pipe Fittings By using the 90/10 CuNiPress no weld press fit pipe and fittings system, you’ll enjoy cost savings, time savings and reduce the OH & S risks that are generally associated with the use of welded pipe and fittings.

We are the Australasian supplier of the CuNiPress pipe (tube) and fittings system. The CuNiPress system allows the user to install pipes and tubes of various types in an economically viable, safety conscious and timely manner.
Enjoy higher productivity with no hot work. Speak to a specialist today. By using the CuNiPress pipe and fittings system you’ll dramatically increase your speed of installation as there’s no welding involved. This then means lower labour costs as there is no skill required to set up the system.

You’ll enjoy higher productivity and because there is no hot work permit required you’ll have less time with paperwork and more time to make money and be productive.

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CuNiPress Applications
  • seawater desalination
  • deck wash systems
  • bilge systems
  • fuel farm services
  • vacuum lines
  • fuels & solvents
  • sprinkler systems
  • machinery cooling
  • chilled & hot water
  • potable wayer
  • process waters
  • oxygen
  • & much more
Reduce Risk by using the CuNiPress Fit Pipe (Tube) and Fitting System
When you employ the CuNi Press fit tools you get no open flame – meaning lower risk of fire, damage to goods or explosions. There are no smoke or dangerous gases to worry about either. And of course no welding heat means less risk to your employees and less risk to your company.

The CuNiPress pipe tube and fitting system is available in 10 different sizes from 15mm to 108mm OD and are available in over 60 different types of fittings (Tees, Reducing Tees, Elbows, Reducers, Flanges, Threads, Unions, valves, etc). Stock of all tube sizes and fittings are held in Sydney and shipped within Australia and New Zealand.

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