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Technical information

Technical information

Tube is simply cut to the length required, de-burred and the Fitting of choice is simply slipped onto the tube until it reaches the stop. The Fitting is then pressed onto Tube via the use of the Pressing Tool with the correct “Jaw” attached. This creates a water and gas tight seal in a few seconds. The water tightness is produced by the compression of the “O” Ring within the Fitting with mechanical strength being achieved via the slight deformation of the Fitting and Tube.

More technical information available on request.
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Why Use CuNiPress & Copper Nickel?
Why use Copper Nickel?
Copper Nickel (CuNi) is widely used in marine applications as it is highly resistant to sea water corrosion. The longer that copper nickel is exposed to salt water the slower its rate of corrosion becomes. Copper Nickel also has very high antifouling characteristics. A thin, adherent and protective oxide film gradually forms on Copper Nickel when it is exposed to clean salt water, this makes it very difficult for marine growth to colonise, thus flow rates are maintained. Copper Nickel alloys have provided reliable service for several decades whilst offering effective solutions to technological challenges.
Fittings are made from 90/10 Copper Nickel Alloy
The Tooling is a simple Battery/Electric product that is used in conjunction with a set of interchangeable jaws according to the diameter of pipe to be coupled. When the tool is in operation the jaws generate an automatic controlled deformation of the fitting and pipe to form a permanent watertight joint. The technical data of tools and their operating instructions are provided in the relevant catalogue on request.
CuNiPress Applications
  • seawater desalination
  • deck wash systems
  • bilge systems
  • fuel farm services
  • vacuum lines
  • fuels & solvents
  • sprinkler systems
  • machinery cooling
  • chilled & hot water
  • potable wayer
  • process waters
  • oxygen
  • & much more
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