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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What applications are suitable for the 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fitting System?
  • Potable and domestic cold and hot water (max 200°C)
  • Machinery fresh water cooling
  • Hot and chilled water for air conditioning plants
  • Sprinkler and Fire systems
  • Condensate Lines
  • Compressed Air Lines
  • Vacuum lines
  • Gases, including propane, butane and natural gas, inert gases such as oxygen, steam, compressed air and instrument air.
  • Demineralised, Softened, Conditioned and essential waters
  • Waste Water systems
  • Fuels & solvents including: diesel, lubricating oils, disinfectants, petroleum-based products, cleaning agents, paint thinners and other aggressive fluids.
What is the Pressure Rating of the 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fitting System?
The 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Piping System can be used in systems with operating pressures of 16 bar (1600kPa or 232 psi) for tube sizes up to 168mm OD and up to 40 bar ( 4000kPa or 580 psi) for tube sizes 15mm to 28mm OD.
What metal types are available in the Press Fit Pipe and Fittings range?
No Weld Pipe and Fittings are available in the following metal types:
  • AISI 316L Stainless Steel
  • 90/10 Copper Nickel
  • Galvansied Steel
  • Copper
What are the main advantages of the 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fitting System?
The main advantages of the 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fittings are:
  • Simple and easy to install.
  • No welding, no hot work, no fire hazard during installation, significant risk reduction.
  • Lower labour costs as highly skilled pipe welders are not required.
  • Can be built on site and in situ, eliminating need for full and accurate manufacturing drawing or workshop labour.
  • Reliability of pipe work in severe service conditions - marine & military approved.
  • Speed of install means lower total costs and faster completion of piping project.
  • Convenient and easy for maintenance personnel to make changes. No Hot Work Permits required and alterations can be made while internal tube is wet.
What types of Industries use the 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fitting System?
Press Fit Pipe and Fittings have been used worldwide for over thirty years in the following Industries:
  • Ship Building and Repairs, both Naval and Commercial – DNV, Lloyd's, BV approved
  • Food Processing Factories, including small goods, dairies, wineries and abattoirs.
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Mining Process Plants
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Waste Water Treatment.
  • Hospitals and areas where hygiene is a priority
  • Oil & Gas – service lines
  • Fire sprinkler lines, with ActivFire Product Certificate Approval.
How does the 316L Stainless  Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fitting System work exactly?
Tube is cut to the length required, de-burred and the fitting of choice is simply slipped onto the tube until it reaches the stop. The fitting is then pressed onto tube via the use of the pressing tool with the correct "jaw" attached. This creates a water and gas tight seal in a few seconds.

The water tightness is produced by the compression of  the "O" ring within the fitting with mechanical strength being achieved via the slight deformation of the fitting and tube. Please read manufacturer's catalogue and brochure for more detail.

The tool is designed to apply the correct pressure to the fitting and automatically releases once the cycle is complete.
How long does the O ring last within the fitting?
As there is no mechanical wear, the O ring is only potentially susceptable to chemical wear. As such it is important to select a rubber that will not chemically react with the fluid/gas being transported. By avoiding any chemical reaction with the O rings then the piping system is expected to last equivalent to other piping systems. The 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Fittings are covered by a standard 20 year guarantee when installed following manufacturers guidelines. The standard O ring supplied is EPDM. This rubber is particularly resistant to ageing, ozone, heat as well as to various chemicals including conditioners normally used for drinking water and for cooling systems. Systems that are to transport petrochemicals ( fuel oils, lubricants etc) are supplied upon request with NBR O rings. HNBR O rings are supplied for gas installations.PFKM O  rings are available for certain chemical as well as water with a higher temperature up to 200°C. It is important to ensure that the correct O ring is used in each application. With the correct O ring installed Press Fit Pipes and Fittings have been in service for over 30 years across the world in a broad range of applications without O ring failure. Due to this fact and the benefits gained, the use of Press Fit Pipe and Fittings installations continue to grow significantly in Australia and around the world.
Why use 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fittings?
  • Corrosion resistance. Suitable for most acids and alkaline fluids and resistance to most aggressive waters
  • Strong and long life. Low maintenance, durable and often the least expensive alternative when whole of life cycle costs are considered.
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Piping installation without fire hazard
  • Resists scaling
  • Fire resistant and will not melt or give off toxic fumes in a fire
  • Hygienic for fluids, gases and conduit lines.
  • Time saving when considering repairs and maintenance both during and after installation
  • Eliminates need for specialist welding
  • Ease of installation in confined areas
The Tube and Fittings within the Press Fit Piping range have been approved by many of the worlds classification societies including Lloyds, DNV, BV etc. It has the WaterMark applied from many countries, including the Australian WaterMark. The Press Fit Piping System has the Australian ActivFire approval for fire piping systems. Press Fit is manufactured in keeping with the strictest standards. Please see the Catalogue for further details on approvals.
Is the 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fitting System silicon free?
Both the Tube and Fittings that make up the components of the Press Fit Piping System are guaranteed silicon free and can be used in proximity of industrial painting plants.
How do I order the 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit Pipe and Fitting System?
Simply contact one of the Stainless Steel piping specialists at MEI on the following:
P: 02 9724 4511
International: +61 2 9724 4511
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