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MEI Copper Nickel Article - HMAS Manoora

Whether one needs to upgrade the fire protection system on one of Royal Australian Navy’s support ships, HMAS MANOORA (pictured below), or install pipe work on a commercial new build, the benefits of the MEI no weld press fit piping system are worth adopting. The no weld CuNiPress system makes light work of what used to be a time consuming and expensive process of welding pipe work within a ship’s or vessel’s hull. Especially when elbow room and adequate clearance becomes a bit more restricted when working below decks and in tight spaces.
Pressing 76 mm copper nickel pipe work
The feedback received from the contractor that installed the Press Fit copper nickel Fire Protection System was that there were considerable time savings gained from the installation of the press fit system. The press fit system eliminated the cost of down time waiting for Hot Work Permits, allowed more effective work practices in tight spaces and required much less de-construction.

It was estimated that press fit system took less than 55% of the time taken to install a welded system. While the fittings are an extra material cost, the amount of savings in time outweigh the higher material costs and translates into a total cost savings. The savings in time also is a benefit when working to a tight schedule and delivering on time,or ahead of schedule.
Tank deck with copper nickel Press fit tube painted and ready to be pressed
Press Fit piping painted white – no strip down of cabling, no network, no cost blow out. In-situ. Simple hassle free installations.

Other Benefits

The other benefit was that the Press Fit system significantly reduces the hazards generally associated with hot work involved in welded systems. Risk reduction includes no gas lines within vessel, less chance of damage to existing infrastructure, less fire risk, etc.

In the past, people have tended to view CuNiPress copper nickel as a high cost, high quality solution for salt water applications. The introduction of the no weld press fit system has significantly reduced the labour cost and overall cost of using copper nickel, thus making copper nickel comparable in cost to other lower quality alternatives, especially for salt water applications. MEI recommend the use of copper nickel 90/10 Press Fit for salt water systems and stainless steel 316L Press Fit for fresh water systems in marine applications.

Imagine on your next marine piping job, installing pipe work with no welding, no hot work permits, no gas bottles, no fire sentries, no heat damage to surrounding cables, panelling and paintwork. That will translate to a very fast install and will reduce your total costs. Now, some may question “that sounds too good to be true?” or “what’s the catch?”. Well here are the facts.

The Facts on MEI’s Press Fit Piping System
Benefits of Press Fit
•    Much faster to install.
•    No welding required, no heat damage, no risk of fire.
•    Cheaper to install.
•    Complete the piping work ahead of schedule.
•    MEI’s Press Fit system is approved by the major classification societies (such as DNV, LR, BV, GL, ABS) for both Copper Nickel 90/10 Press Fit and SS 316L Press Fit.
•    Shock and vibration rated to military standards.
•    Fire tested and witnessed by classification societies.
•    Applications are potable water, hot or cold water, compressed air, sprinkler systems, fuels and oils (in most compartments).
Limitations of Press Fit
•    Max diameter is up to 4 inch.
•    Working pressure limited to 1,600 kPa for marine applications. Burst pressures are significantly higher.
•    Temperature range to a maximum working temperature of 95 degrees C

So why not for the next new build or refit piping work you have, give the Press Fit system a go and experience the benefits of Press Fit first hand. You won’t be disappointed.

So give us a call today on (02) 9724 4511 and let us help you with your next job using press fit piping system for copper nickel 90/10.

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