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Fire Test

In the article and images below, we show why the press fit piping system is a reliable and popular piping system for water and fire extinguishing systems. The picture below shows the fire test for a copper nickel press fit sample where the test temperature was over 800 degrees C for 60 minutes, with the sample holding 26 bar pressure after the fire test.
The image below shows a cut out of a pressed SS316L Press Fit tube and joining sleeve (fitting). The cut out shows the o-ring fully encapsulated in its housing after pressing.

This helps to better understand why the Press Fit system is a proven, reliable, leak free piping system. Noting that even after a fire test temperature of 800 degrees C, the SS sample held 32 bar pressure. This explains why the press fit piping system is also fire rated for land based and marine piping systems (Test Certificates available if requested).

Please let us know if you or one of your colleagues would like more information on our no weld SS316L press fit piping system, which is proven to provide:

• Installation costs lower than welded SS piping,
• Installation costs similar to galvanised steel piping (when labour and material combined),
• Installation at the speed of plastic piping,
• Installation with no hot work and thus no heat affected zones,
• High quality and longevity of SS316L piping.

Please note that the benefits discussed above apply similarly to Copper Nickel (CuNi) 90/10 Press Fit Piping system for marine salt water fire mains and sprinkler systems and other land based chloride solution applications.

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