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Smart Piping

This product has proven to save both time and money, in a wide range of industries including the mining sector. Our no weld, CuNiPress copper nickel piping system has proven to be beneficial and cost effective against SS and other steel piping installations under the following parameters:

Copper Nickel (CuNiPress) Piping is:

  • Installed at a lower cost than welded SS piping
  • Installed at similar cost to Galv steel (labour and material)
  • Installed at the speed of plastic piping
  • Installed with “no hot work” and without any heat affected zones
  • Installed with the quality and longevity of SS316
Commercial, Industrial, Marine and Defence applications:
    <li">Max. Diameter up to 108mm
  • Working Pressure from vacuum up to 4,000 kPa
  • Burst Pressures from 66 to 240 bar
  • Working Temperature from -20C up to 160 degrees C
  • Suitable for potable water – hot and cold, compressed air, gas, sprinkler systems, oil, diesel, other fuels and many chemicals.

Many plumbers/installers are now using press fit piping to reduce their costs, reduce installation time, improve quality of materials and provide hassle free installation.

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Please see short (43 second ) video demonstration on the fit up our press fit system.

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