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MEI, has a large range of Stainless Steel “Push Together” Drainage products , that compliments its already premium range of Press Fit piping systems and can be used under gravity or vacuum.

Some of the industries MEI drainage products are used In :

  • Meat processing plants and Abbattoirs
  • Hospitals
  • Shipbuilding
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food plants
  • Mining and processing

Drainage waters are charged with several substances which are often corrosive. In certain concentrations and temperatures these chemicals may damage - chemically, mechanically or per electrolysis - the materials they come in touch with, therefore the piping systems that evacuate such waters must be made of suitable materials to reasonably withstand the corrosive agents.  To comply with this need, MEI supplies a wide range of drainage piping of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L.

Thermal expansion The expansion coefficient of stainless steel is very low: 1 meter of pipe heated to 100°C increases its length of only 1.6 mm.

Therefore, in designing a drain system with the MEI Drainage System the thermal elongation can be disregarded as well as all compensators.

This is also true when piping is laid within concrete, as stainless steel has the same elongation factor as concrete (0.0117 mm/m°C).

Fire safety The MEI Drainage system complies with the current fire prevention codes.

Stainless Steel piping is listed in the A-Class of fire resistance, i.e. it is acknowledged as a “non-burning” product.

Low noise rate The sealing ring is a gasket of a particular shape that fits within the socket of the pipe or fitting in such a way that it grips on the whole rim of the socket. When the spigot of the other piece is inserted into the socket the ring is compressed between the outer surface of the spigot and the inner surface of the socket with a positive seal.

The grip over the rim of the socket has the twofold aim to hold the seal in its place when inserting the spigot as well as to evidence to the assembler the correctness of the joint.

If the internal pressure increases, also the pressure of the seal against the walls increases, and the joint remains tight. Standard seals are of EPDM.

On request the following alternate seals are available: CR = Neoprene FKM = Viton and

Si = Silicon.

Tightness The tightness of the joints of the MEI drainage piping system is according to DIN-Norm 19530 Part 2 for joints with sockets and spigots.

Pipes and fittings are tight against internal pressure as well as against vacuum. The tests which have been carried out in order to obtain the Type Approval certificates are:

  • Vacuum from ND 40 to ND 200* - 0.96 bar
  • Internal pressure from ND 40 to ND 125 10 bar from ND 150 to ND 200 5 bar * For vacuum systems only ND 40-50-65 are normally used.

The socket The socket of MEI Drainage System pieces has a double annular shape in which it is lodged the seal and inserted the spigot.

The peculiar shape of the socket gives strength to the joint and ensures its tightness in the time in spite of axial and cross stresses that may be exerted from outside and/or the weight of the piping system.

The socket and spigot joint is officially certified and the manufacture of the components of the program undergoes periodic external survey.

Type Approvals The MEI Drainage System has been approved by following Classification Societies: